¨cˇu'm„a* Ertesi ACTIVITIES /// No: 1

Istanbul Audio Tour

Istanbul Audio Tour
Starting Point: Urban Café, Kartal Sokak No.8 Beyoğlu

Istanbul Audio Tour is a program that intends to frame Istanbul not just from an artist's point of view but through the insights and voices of designers, urban planners and artisans. It aims to communicate the variations between different perspectives, and to expose if only a few of the diverse expressions of Beyoğlu to the local and international visitors as well as the public at large. The participant will follow the designated city tracks (specific routes) listening to the tracks recorded by the artist/designer/urban planner/shopkeeper on MP3 players. In the audio tours, the participants will also be provided with directions to be able to follow the predetermined routes while listening to these recordings designed to introduce them to an "Istanbul" perceived and lived in by the artist / designer / urban planner / shopkeeper.


Haunted Path At Controlled Speed, 2009, Cevdet Erek (artist)

Towards Karaköy
you will hear ghosts,
don't ever be surprised.

* Cevdet Erek
1974 b. in Istanbul, lives in Istanbul.
Cevdet Erek is an artist, architect and musician from Istanbul. Erek was on residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam from 2005 – 2006 and his installation 'Studio' was awarded the Uriot Prize 2005. Erek's installations and performances have been shown at Istanbul Biennial, Stedelijk Museum, Platform Garanti, Extra City, Villa Manin, Martin Gropius Bau and others. His solo 'A Few Retrospectives' exhibition took place at Galerie Akinci-Amsterdam and book 'SSS' was published by BAS as a part of BENT series in 2008. Besides personal work, Erek collaborates with architects, directors, choreographers and is the founder of Istanbul's avantgarde rock act Nekropsi.  His work reached a wider audience with the inclusion of his 'Katkısız' (Pure) as a DVD into the recent CD package of Sezen Aksu, diva of Turkish Popular Music.


Adventures in Acoustic Ecologies, 2009, roomservices (interventionist research institute)

This 40 min long audiotour will lead you through a small "soundwalk" in Beyoglu. Together we will try to escape the visual modality of contemporary society – the "culture of the eye", of visual affection and bright lights. During this tour you will meet a range of Acoustic Ecologies or soundscapes. We will together try to sharpen our attention to the sonic atmospheres mediated through sound, between living beings, their gestures and their environment.

* roomservices
2004, established in Istanbul, lives in Istanbul and Gothenburg.
roomservices is an interventionist research institute for practice-based and experimental design projects, transgressing the borders between DIY urbanity, social re-organization, design co-location and artistic research. roomservices is collaborative work of Evren Uzer and Otto von Busch.


The Past That We do not Want to Forget, 2009, Ergun Tükel (urban café manager)

Cities are like the most important open-air libraries of a nation. The importance that the governments attach to the cities actually can be stated as the preserving and transmitting of the civilizations, international and local cultures of our world to the new generations. In fact, what we explain is an adventure of a recent period, is the past we do not want to forget.

* Ergun Tükel
1961, b. in Istanbul, lives in Istanbul.
Ergun Tükel has graduated from İstanbul Technical University Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences. He has been running Urban Cafe for the last 15 years.


Safety Guide, 2009, Suat Öğüt (artist)
At Istiklal Street, renowned as 'one of the most important streets of civilization', the notions of art, trade, freedom and entertainment have been increasing and expanding to cover more and more ground everyday, sustaining a habitat consisting of various different resident profiles.
Sound work "Safety Guide" tells the stories of the owners of small businesses that play supporting roles on this vast stage. Following a pre-determined route with the directions of a guide, events that were witnessed by the shopkeepers on that same route are being told.
On the audio tour, the shopkeepers from electricians to tailors, on street pilaf rice vendors to textile merchants at Istiklal Street's most busy sidetrack Balo Street evaluate Istanbul through a paranoid tongue.

* Suat Öğüt
1985, Diyarbakır. Lives in İstanbul.
Having graduated from Marmara University's Painting Department in 2007, Öğüt had his first solo exhibition "Speeding Up Domestic Life" curated by Kristina Kramer & Anna Heidenhain, Istanbul (2008). Some of the recent group shows he has shown his works at are "Portable Art: 2010 European Capital of Culture" (2008), "Art In Nicosia" with European-Mediterranean Art Association, Cyprus and "Nightcomers" 10th International Istanbul Biennial special project (2007). Among Öğüt's forthcoming projects are "24 Hours Petroleum", curated by Fikret Atay in Batman, "In between, Istanbul", "Living & Working in Istanbul" (as the final exhibition of Antoni Muntadas workshop in Istanbul), Istanbul and "Heyday" under the umbrella of 2010 Portable Art Project, and "Gerilimler" in Saison Video.com, Lille, France (2010)



Curator: Ece Pazarbaşı / ¨cˇu'm„a
Implementation: Esra A.Aysun / ¨cˇu'm„a
Project Coordinator: Volkan Aslan
Sound Engineer: Burçin Elmas (except Cevdet Erek recording)
Dubbing: Bilgehan Batırbek, Burçin Elmas, Barış Çağlar Karakaş (for Suat Öğüt and Ergun Tükel recordings)
Translation: Yiğit Adam, Eren Pultar