Meeting Point: Büyükhüsun /// General Info

Photo: Anita Bacic

Meeting Point: Büyükhüsun is the second time that Meeting Point project comes alive. The concept of this edition is 'recycling'. We will be looking into the inherent ability of the villagers in recycling anything available in their vicinity, and their act of transforming materials into their everyday needs. We shall delve into the concept of recycling, attempting to remind ourselves about the values of our ancestors, hoping to find clues about a life lived in balance with nature, and interpret these via contemporary and artistic interventions.
The Meeting Point: Büyükhüsun has four hands-on workshops on art, design, performance and local cuisine. Different from Meeting Point: Gülpınar* (2007), this year the project aims to bring international and national participants with the interested villagers together in the workshops. The courses will become another platform of interaction just as much as the festival events.

*Meeting Point: Gülpınar was the first edition of Meeting Point project carried out under the umbrella of Diyalog-Der, conceived by Ece Pazarbaşı and realized in the summer of 2007. As of 2008, Meeting Point is a project of ¨cˇu'm„a* Contemporary Utopia Management, still in line with its original conception alongside improvements enriching its content and widening its scope.

The Meeting Point Project

The Meeting Point project is an international gathering. It brings together participants from different cultural backgrounds, in a rural setting around the central core of culture, art and creativity. It is a mobile project taking place in a different village each time. Meeting Point is about creating a community, at least during the project where cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences are made. It aims to transform the village into a base for creativity through the hands-on workshops during the day, and with performances, concerts and screenings at night the village will become a festival venue, for the village dwellers and project participants alike.

Meeting Point: Büyükhüsun Team

Project Directors: Ece Pazarbaşı, Esra A. Aysun
Local Project Coordinators: Çiğdem Ergun, Özlem Ergun
Concept, Design and Content Advisor: Yiğit Adam
Production Executive: Abbas Akkaya
Hospitality Coordinator: Pınar Başoğlu
Culinary Advisor: Betül Karahan
Project Assistant: Emir Oztürk
Workshop Leaders:
Art: Anita Bacic
Design: Michael Bom, Antoinet Deurloo
Performance: Women of Büyükhüsun, Özlem Alkış, Çiğdem Ergun and Özlem Ergun
Local Cuisine: Women of Büyükhüsun
Movement Orchestra Workshop: Özlem Alkış, Ekmel Ertan
"Meeting Point on Air!" Workshop: Ekmel Ertan
Workshop Coordinators:
Art: Kate Ferguson
Design: Arda Tunçman
Local Cuisine: Hasan Açanal
Special Thanks to:
Savaş Arslan • Hoppa Essentials • Murat Meriç •