Do-It-Yourself Audio Tours

With CUMA, Pazarbaşı curated a series of events in 2009, aiming to offer the residents of Istanbul an opportunity to express the blissful and inspiring, creative, productive, intimidating and constraining faces of the city both to themselves and to the other inhabitants of the city in sincere and humorous ways. The conception of the tours is due to an urge to disturb the hasty and humdrum cycle of the city that does not let her inhabitants to take a break and contemplate. The project aims at the jam-packed daily life of the metropolis, the rush and the feeling of always chasing something. As the residents pursue the most loyal elements of urban life (transport, closing tills, the traffic lights turning red etc.) they initially start making compromises, which slowly leads to the disappearance of the awareness of being an individual, to be followed by the loss of ‘self'; this is where the project comes into play, to disrupt the process by simple and fun methods. The disrupting and distracting events intend to make the urban dwellers lost in city life more aware of themselves, of the personal territories of other individuals and even of the city that they live in.

Do It Yourself Audio Tours is a cross disciplinary attempt to keep an archive of urban memory by creating a audio log of changes in the urban and social fabric. It is an on going project that draws different personal maps of metropolises, focusing on the subjective perception of urban environments and the impact of these environments on shaping this perception. The project aimed to define Istanbul not only through the eyes of an artist but also through the different voices like designers, urban planners, local shop owners and etc.

Required Materials:

A mobile audio device (mp3 player / mobile phone, etc.), headphones, internet connection


  1. choose one or more of the tours
  2. download the tour which sets out on a route determined by that tour creator with a MP3 player containing the previously mixed audio recordings.
  3. go to the starting point of the selected tour
  4. press play
  5. follow the predesignated routes as given in the audio guide
  6. start again with another tour


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