What is CAMP?

CAMP is established with the aim of creating a more active and inquisitive society and audience. With CAMP, urban and rural space projects are taken to another level, with an attitude of questioning, investigation and experimentation. CAMP is based in Istanbul and Berlin.

CAMP sticks to visual and performing arts as its mainstream and amalgamates it with mostly urban practices such as sociology, planning and architecture. With these tools, its main urge is to raise awareness of the community through non-functioning systems and to boost curiosity about components of our daily lives.

CAMP aims to break monotonous cycles of urban and rural daily life by amplifying local and international interdisciplinary contemporary art practices. It endeavors to disrupt the chronically discriminatory, monopolist attitudes and the status quo of our time. In order to fulfill its goal, CAMP also aspires to form creative bridges between thought and reality for its community, as well as for organizations and initiatives.

CAMP's methods of amplifying:
- initiating interdisciplinary cultural activities, in urban and rural areas in Turkey and abroad, that play a key role in the process of democratic transition of contemporary arts in society.
- acting as a contact point for contemporary multi-disciplinary artists as well as for cultural organizations from Europe, the Balkans, Scandinavia and the Middle East.
- organizing private cultural tours in Turkey and in Germany for cultural researchers and urban art followers.