CAMP is a non-profit contemporary art organization, aiming to activate urban and rural communities by creating contemporary art practices. It is a mobile structure for creating awareness by unifying different communities and disciplines under experimental artistic situations. CAMP is registered in Istanbul and Berlin.


Do-It-Yourself Audio Tours

Walk over the City aims to create an Almanac of Contemporary History of Istanbul via soundwalks. It is focusing on the city of Istanbul through two primary yet different historical dimensions. Thanks to insurance maps dating back to the 1900s, it takes its audience years back, allowing them to compare both auditorily and digitally today's Istanbul with the Istanbul of "once upon a time." Walk over the City is a work in progress with different compounds: Series of Soundwalks created according to the old maps; a Web Application where the collaged insurance maps of Istanbul will be overlapped with current maps and a 200 pages Publication which will act as an alternative Istanbul/City reader. The ultimate goal of  the project is to evolve into an Almanac of sound walks of whole Istanbul. This will be completed in 2015 through open calls.